A Tour Of The Collins View Neighborhood!

April 1, 2021

Are you considering a move to or around Portland and want to find a neighborhood that’s close to nature without sacrificing convenience? In this episode of Live, Love, Learn Portland, I’m going to let you in on a well-kept secret neighborhood: Collins View in Southwest Portland. We’ll look at everything from neighborhoods and amenities to home prices so you can see if this hidden gem is right for you.

Welcome To The Collins View Neighborhood

Collins View is one of my favorite neighborhoods, and I lived there for years. With plenty of neighborhood amenities and a price that won’t break the bank, the Collins View community is located in the Southwest Portland area and is just a quick commute from downtown Portland.

When I lived there, one of my favorite things was how many ways you could get there. If I-5 was backed up, you could take Macadam. If Macadam was backed up, you could take Barber. And if all of those were backed up, you could even come up on the east side and go over the Sellwood Bridge—which was actually one of my favorite routes. 

In short, you’re about a 10 to 15-minute drive from downtown Portland and maybe a 20-25 minute commute by public transportation or bike.

Collins View Is Close To Nature

What Collins View residents love most about their neighborhood is how close to nature and secluded it is. Surrounded by incredibly beautiful areas like Tryon Creek State Park, the Lewis and Clark College campus, River View Natural Area, Marshall Park, the expansive Dunthorpe neighborhood, and multiple historic cemeteries, it feels so incredibly close to nature.

Living in Collins View feels almost like living on a little island. It’s not uncommon to see coyotes running around on the streets near the cemeteries, or have cute little nocturnal visitors after the sun gets low. 

Shopping And Dining Near Collins View

The Collins View neighborhood boasts an eclectic and diverse family-friendly area with highly rated schools and great places to shop and eat, both directly in the neighborhood but also in surrounding areas. There are neighborhoods like Hillsdale, Multnomah Village, Downtown Lake Oswego, Johns Landing, and more that offer additional options.

Some of my favorite places to visit when I lived there still exist today, and I highly recommend checking them out. For instance, Tryon Creek Bar and Grill is a good old-fashioned sports bar, while Chez Jose has amazing margaritas. Both of these eateries are directly in the neighborhoods surrounding the area.

In Hillsdale is one of my all-time favorite Mexican restaurants, Casa Colima; you have to check it out if you haven’t before. There’s also Buffalo Gap down in Johns Landing along with the Original Pancake House that you’ve got to visit. 

Collins View Home Options

The Collins View neighborhood has a good combination of older historic homes situated on larger lots along with some new construction and a few townhomes. A good portion of the neighborhood is situated on a hill, with elevations of around 550 feet. This means there are some incredible valley views and places to catch sunrises and sunsets. 

Now let’s talk about the cost of housing. Remember when I said that the neighborhood is relatively diverse with the sizes and ages of homes? Well, that leads to a wide range of entry prices into that neighborhood. If you have questions or want some specific information about housing, I’m happy to send it to you. In the meantime, here’s some general information about the cost of housing in the neighborhood.

Housing Costs

Entry into the Collins View neighborhood is going to start in the $400,000s. That’s generally going to be a smaller home, perhaps a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house The next step would be a little bit larger home, such as a three-bedroom with one and a half or two bathrooms. This is going to be in the $500 range and might even go up into the $600,000s, depending on updates and views. 

The average selling price over the last 12 months is in the low $600,000s, which is for about a 2,000 square foot home. However, know that there are still some homes out there that can push easily into the million-dollar range. One additional great thing worth noting about the neighborhood is that since it’s right next to Lewis and Clark College, there’s a higher demand for investment properties and rentals.

It goes without saying that a good rule for pricing in the neighborhood is that a larger lot, more recent updates, and a better view are going to lend themselves to a higher price point.

Make Southwest Portland Your Home

I hope this video gave you some insight into one of my favorite neighborhoods in Southwest Portland, the Collins View neighborhood. Portland has so many great communities and neighborhoods, so if you’re considering a move to or around Portland, make sure to take the time to really understand and explore the communities that you’re considering. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to connect!

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